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Carl is a connection agent.

Between your brand, digital technologies, social media and individuals.


Today's brand is fundamentally social and digital.

Traditional advertising campaigns can't be funnelled into social networks and online content; relevant and successful brands understand they must now flip the process on its head.


To convert an individual to your brand, we orchestrate an evolving content platform using various channels, paid for or not.

All that using proven digital strategies.


- Interactive strategies
- Branding
- Social media
- Web design
- Media buying & planning
- SEO/SEM optimization
- Multiplatform content
- Mobile


Both local and national, the brands we represent are visionary and innovative, online and offline.

You follow them on Facebook and buy their products on your mobile phone. You visit their websites, watch their content on both YouTube and television and appreciate the look of their packaging. You look them up on Google and you interact with them on Twitter.


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